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Tailor Your Tour 如何定制

  1. Read the Options in the menu, decide on the areas of interest;

  2. Contact us via Web form or the email listed describing your interest and request;

  3. We will design or recommend a tour best suits your interests;

  4. Up on your agreement, we will proceed to quote for your tour;

  5. We will send the quote to you for approval;

  6. Once your approval is received, we will arrange your tour for you.

  1. 请在选择项目中挑选你感兴趣的邻域;

  2. 通过网页邮件或所列邮箱与我们联系,告诉我们你的爱好要求;

  3. 我们将根据你的爱好设计或推荐旅游方案;

  4. 在你同意后,我们将根据方案联系确认所有价格;

  5. 将最后的报价寄给您以作最后决定;

  6. 在得到您最后的许可后,我们将为您安排全部旅程.

Please note:

  • The options provided are for selection and combination of multiple interests.  It does not include all possibilities.  Please inquire if you have other things which are not in the listed options.  We will endeavor to satisfy your interests.
  • To ensure the best service, the maximum number per a group is no more than 12 people.


  • 项目选择主要是归类类别,并不包括所有内容。定制时各类项目可自行组合。项目归类中没有列出,尽管在联系时提出,我们会考虑安排。
  • 为了保证服务质量,团体的最佳人数是12人左右。

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